Yet another Kids Rooms post

December 6, 2011

I think I have designers block,
Strike that
I HAVE designers block
I am fresh outta ideas for what I want to do for G’s room
I keep flipping back and forth from a more modern clean and white light bright vibe
to an 
over the top window treatment, wallpaper, big canopy bed on funky rugs with tapestries on the walls vibe….
So here is some of my images that I am liking for inspiration..
Funky Options:

Clean and Crisp options;

Which group is your favorite??

help me out!

  1. I’m all about the funk, but the clean look can certainly end up funky. Kids rooms are so much fun and really allow the imagination and color scheme to wander.

  2. Clean and crisp is more my taste, but I do love the funky patterns and colors in the first set of pictures-more your style! I love the idea of adding a pop of orange or red on the ceiling of an all white room though! I did that in our dining room 7 years ago now and I still love it!!!!!!

  3. Clean and crisp looks like waaaaay too much work to keep it that way. It’s all so… clean and… crisp…

    The first batch of pics are awesome! In fact, I added some to my inspiration folders 🙂

  4. I liked more of the funky inspiration than the others. While I like cleaner looks too, I think children’s rooms are such an excellent opportunity to go a little crazy. 🙂

  5. I love it all…but after creating a space for my daughter that’s jam-packed with design…I wish I’d gone more simple. Reason? Because she hoards papers, and drawings and dolls and horse heads and all kinds of random stuff…and all that stuff, mixed with all the stuff I put in there….too much!!

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