What a Girl Wants..

November 15, 2012

Hi Lovers,
if I was Fancy…I would buy these things and wear them.
sad fact is, I aint that fancy, but no doubt you lovers are!!!
  1. Your words struck a responsive chord with me, when you said you’d wear these things IF you were fancy, which you are not. Before I was happily married, and living exactly the life I want to be living, I used the dress “fancy”, even when I was casual. I still have some of those clothes, but find myself never wanting to wear them, so I know it isn’t a question of money; it’s a matter of lifestyle. I sincerely believe that clothing advertisers are selling a lifestyle, rather than clothes. Previously, I was trying to buy that fancy lifestyle. Now that I have a normal, happy, full, but casual, life, I find I have no desire for that fancy pants style. I’ll bet that you, as a beautiful, successful interior designer, mother and wife to a rock star are living precisely the life you want and chose — Malibu Beach casual. Beach is my favorite style!

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