November 29, 2012

AID has been working on project “LFP” over here for the past few months and it is getting near the big install day!

This is the MOST exciting part of any project becuause you finally get to see what all of your hard work and sleepless nights will finally amount to.
¬†Over the next 2 weeks I will try and chronicle the happenings in each room bit by bit. Its a big house and we are doing the whole damn thang ….so you’ll have plenty of eye candy
Couches, drapes, rugs, pillows, stunning “knock your socks off” artwork!!!
You will just die at the stuff these clients already had!
Anyways, here is what happened yesterday. We smashed some walls, built some banquette seating and installed some lights.

We also painted a dining room, painted a powder room, and installed more lights…
heres a little peak of this!

grotto chairs and a nice lovely shade of white- check

glossy peacock blue walls – check

brass fanciness with custom shades- check
lots going on…

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