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Think About it. – Criollo-

Think About it.

August 13, 2014


I was recently just sent  by my Client Awesome and it really struck a chord. I often feel like we are all so lost in the “stuff” that goes on in our lives that we fill it with more “stuff” to distract the fact that we are all drowning in “stuff”. HA! What is it about an abundance of things that makes us think we are happy? Well I am gonna say little and let the article speak for itself . It really articulates the issue so  !

  1. Thank you for sharing this! What a fantastic read. I have begun simplifying my life recently for these very reasons. This article couldn’t have come at a better time to motivate me to do even more simplifying and less comparing. Thanks for sharing!

  2. It’s a good and very trendy topic, but, unfortunately, I think it’s almost impossible to really know how much it impacts us (in a bad way) without stepping (living) completely away from it all. I know from experience how liberating it is. Now I’m back and sliding back into it. :((. So hard not to.

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