The suckiest bathroom ever

June 19, 2012

So remember like a month ago when I told you I was doing my bathroom renovation…..?
remember when I was like..
 “Oh hey guys, I am the bomb, I can do it all, blah blah ..bullshit”
Well, I am a bonified moron who’s reality is both warped and sadistic
Can I just tell you how much this whole reno sucked and nearly made me throw in my decorator towel!!!
Everything annoying and crap that could have happened, DID happen and I lost my shit at least 100 times during this stupid renovation.
Walls crumbled, electrical issues happened, and I realized sometimes its really hard to polish a poop!
Thankfully, my husband (who officially hates my guts) wrapped it up yesterday just in time for my big photo shoot that’s happening TODAY!
Talk about calling it close
So here is is…in all its suckiness
Ignore the gold doorknob..the new doors didn’t make it in time
(ignore my head, only way to get a good photo of the )
so what do you think… was it worth my meltdown?
I had no money and no time
  1. Looks incredible!! Seriously Amber, you have more talent in your pinky finger than many designers have all together! I’m constantly amazed at your ability to create such a clear vision, and then execute said vision to perfection. So impressive!

    Anyway, great job – I think it was definitely worth the meltdowns!

  2. Be proud!

    Even though you did’nt get throug it with your wits in hold, you still have your life! And it is an amazing result!
    (Just hope you still have enough wits to enjoy it…..).

  3. I don’t mean to laugh at your misfortunes..but this post was so funny! I love the way you write! But I am sorry to hear that it was seemingly the project from hell. The good news? It is now a bathroom from heaven! Looks absolutely gorgeous. I agree with Erin.. Sources please!

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