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August 22, 2014

Well this has been a whirlwind week! I totally didn’t mean to leave the blog for 3 days with no peep, but life got the best of me! Lets see, what the hell have I been up to that warrants blanking this little place??….Well, Big BIG things happened such as Gwynnie starting Kindergarten. In a nutshell,  I have become an irrational, paranoid, over protective, anxious, loony toon.  The past few days have gone like this… I instantly wake up with a pit in my stomach feeling really nervous for her. All kinda of crazy thoughts run through my head. “Will she make friends, will the teachers pay attention to her needs, will she feel scared, will she tell the teacher if she needs to pee, will she escape and run off with the circus??”Literally,  for the last 2 days, when it comes time for the dreaded drop off  I feel awful. Kinda like I am paddling out to sea in a rowboat, then sawing my leg off, and throwing it overboard into the ocean, blindfolding myself, jumping into the water and swimming around aimlessly until I find my leg and prevent being attacked by a shark or bleeding out, and then making it back to shore safely. Can you even imagine WHAT that must feel like?? For 5 hours a day its like this, and then magically she comes home and all is right with the world. No sharks, or missing limbs, just apprehension for tomorrows drop off.  Its dramatic, no doubt, but she is actually just fine and I am left faced with the harsh reality that this is MY problem…not hers. I no doubt am screwing her up by my irrational emotional outburst just saying goodbye. I am sure it’s totally unhealthy, but I am working on trying to sort that out.

In work related news, we finally installed My Dr. Client Clients and I am really pleased with it. I am patiently waiting to show you the full “before and after” until I have the house photographed by a pro. My lame photog skills just won’t cut the mustard on this beauty of a project. We also started on another small little remodel project, are still working away on Client Freakin Fabulous, and are ALMOST ready to move into the design studio. Work is fab and we are busy which is never a bad thing, so no complaints there.  I am in design mode on a few projects so I have been perusing  and saw some rooms which made me ask the question…would you take it or leave it?

What say you???


Take it: Leave it

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  1. honey i remember that feeling well. it goes away. but then it comes back again in a different form. worry is a shapeshifting bitch. it just means you love her a whole lot. and as a result, that shapeshifter will never go away. i wonder though, we are both parents to one kid- i wonder if WE are the worst types of parents out there. the biggest worriers of all.
    i say get crackin on a second and find out. unfortunately for me that ship has sailed. but you.

    love your work.

  2. I totally get it. Mine started too and everyday I worry about all that same stuff. I’m actually a teacher though and so I KNOW the kind of shit that happens as kids grow up and while I love my students, MAN kids can be mean! BUT, the trick is to help our own kids be confident with who they are. Confident kids do so much better….Gwynn is most def a cool, confident kid so good job there momma!

  3. I am a huge fan of you’s and have been following this blog for almost a year now. You constantly inspire and your work is absolutely amazing!! My oldest started kindergarten last year and I will admit that I totally know how you are feeling. I was losing sleep for weeks leading up to school starting and watched the clock like a crazy person all day while she was at school for the first few weeks after she started. It did get better over time as I got used to having her there all day and we adjusted to the new surroundings. It is super scary though and I just want you to know that you are completely normal (or we are both not-so-normal!). Love your work!! Alison

  4. Take, Take, Take, Take, Take, Leave it, Leave it, Take it.
    I’m surprisingly drawn to #3 and I don’t even think I’m a pink person. It’s so moody and beautiful! And of course #5, Peter Dunham’s cottage is swoon-ful!

  5. I would take all but #1 which is spartan to the point of being cold and without personality. All I can say is try not to worry. I am 12th of 13 kids and lordy, my mom was so happy to push me out the door to school. I rode triple on a bike with my two older brothers to kindergarten. Just not safe. I do have that big family mentality of encouraging independence. Yet, I am still a worrier by nature and do get those “irrational” fear moments. I often just try to channel my mom – but let’s be honest, she had kids to spare.:)

  6. Oh my gosh! My son started preschool last week, and I have been a total maniac as well. I can’t even think about anything else and obsessively drive back to the school, ring the bell, and look at him through the two-way mirror. They are probably going to kick us out because I’m so obnoxious. And he’s only there for three hours… I’m glad to know that someone else is as crazy as I am! It sort of makes me feel justified 🙂 Happy (anxiety-free!) weekend!

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