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Summertime Siesta – Criollo-

Summertime Siesta

August 31, 2016

Good Morning Sunshines! I hate to be the bearer of bad news but can you believe it? SUMMER IS BASICALLY OVER. I know – the time warp is REAL. Who am I kidding though, it’s not like I’ve been rolling in fields of wildflowers all Summer… I’ve been crankin’ out the werk on the reg! Lucky for y’all I’ve selected some of my favorite Summertime bedroom necessities from – your one stop shop for everything amazeballs. If you’ve been living under a rock – Urban has some of the best home goods around. Plus,  you can pick up a while you’re at it too! Check out this ADORBS bedroom I styled below and tell me you wouldn’t chillax and enjoy a peach iced tea here…


Criollo x Urban Outfitters - 5

Criollo x Urban Outfitters - 2

Criollo x Urban Outfitters - 3

Criollo x Urban Outfitters - 4

Criollo x Urban Outfitters - 12

Criollo x Urban Outfitters - 7

Criollo x Urban Outfitters - 8

Criollo x Urban Outfitters - 9

Criollo x Urban Outfitters - 11

Criollo x Urban Outfitters - 6


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  1. I recently discovered your blog and am very inspired by your portfolio. You and your team are incredibly talented and capture exactly the modern bohemian aesthetic I have been trying to accomplish in my home. Being an unabashed DIYer with a limited budget, I wonder….have you considered sourcing some your projects? I think there’s a huge group of us out here who can’t afford design services but would be thrilled to know exactly where to buy that pillow or those curtains. Links directly from your site to vendors selling a particular item would not only guarantee an increase in traffic to your site but I imagine could also be beneficial to you in other ways. The UO bedroom you styled and posted a couple of weeks ago was beautiful….I would have jumped immediately to buy the curtains, striped throw, and lamp. But where to find them? I’ve got to believe companies out there would be thrilled to see you use their goods and credit them, allowing those of us who find inspiration in your work to buy said goods by simply linking directly from your site. This is honestly all coming from two glasses of wine and my frustration in totally loving that adorable August UO bedroom you styled and the cutest Canadians bedroom (among others), and not being able to closely replicate what I see on your site. Just my two cents….but willing to bet others out there feel the same 😉 All the best, Kelly

  2. Amber! Hi! LOVE your work. I just realized: the photo in the frame of this bedroom…is of the little island in Emerald Bay, Tahoe! Do you know where this print can be found…? It’s one of my favorite places/views in the world! Thanks, Amber!

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