Pillows in Action

March 15, 2012

Katie here, pleasure to meet you all!

So for weeks now I have been admiring all the pillows at ! Literally watering at the mouth every time I look at them, neatly folded behind the glass doors of my office bookshelves. I have been holding myself back…. attempting to not even try one on for size, because I knew I would love them all. But then the other night, it happened – I could no longer hold back my urge to make my pillow dreams a reality. I was on pillow crack – smiling from ear to ear as I created pillow combo’s that totally changed the vibe of my space.  

And you know what they say… 

“Better pillows make a better wife” – that’s the pitch to my husband 🙂 

Will work for pillows!?! 

So here is what I came up with…

My dining nook:

 The colorful and textured mix totally funks up my otherwise traditional Windsor Smith fabric.  I am in love!

I couldn’t stop there…I had to throw one on my couch as well…

Thanks for letting me share!!

now go

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