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+ One Room Wonder + – Criollo-

+ One Room Wonder +

April 23, 2014

Do y’all remember when I used to do a post here and there called “one room wonder?” Well it’s basically to highlight that frustrating thing when you come across a kick ass room somewhere in cyberspace, and can’t find a Source or any information about where on earth it came from!! ¬†Yeah, it’s annoying…. and it makes me feel real dumb.

Case in point… Isn’t this little space just a teaser of a room that leaves you longing to see the rest of the house?

… the neutral color palette, the stained concrete floors, the planked ceiling, the hammock… the list goes on and on. And we all know I can get down with a cactus or two. I wanna see the whole house dammit


+ If you know where I can peep the rest of the pad, tell me!! +

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