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Office Reveal! – Criollo-

Office Reveal!

February 16, 2012

So If you follow along here on this little bloggy, you are privy to a lot of my work happenings.
You know that last week I got a phone call that I needed to magically make a miracle and vamp up a big ole beige cooperate office into something snazzy, cool, and rap mogul worthy.
And that I somehow needed to magically make this miracle happen in one week
Well here we are, one week later and somehow, by the grace of caffeine and AMAZINGLY TALENTED FABULOUS WORKER BEES (who put in 16 hour days right along side me……btdubbs)
We were able to pull it off
Lets take a look at the 

beige boredom
snooze worthy
 more beige,
(this guy didn’t seem to mind)

welcome to the world o’ bland
brown town
& now the
Ahhh much better!
Painted all the beige a nice cool gray and painted the doors black


used a green, wood, white, black, and grey color scheme throughout…
Got down with some MASSIVE graphics….
P.S. this office just needed some huge letters and giant triangles in its life…no?

The succulents really added some vavavoom and color to the wood wall.
speaking of the wood wall……
It is my fave part of the whole design.
I have been wanting to do one of these somewhere for a while. 
I finally got my chance.
I obviously pulled this one outta thin air…
Some of you may know, most of you prob don’t but 
MY BROTHER is a contractor extraordinaire and the one who whipped this wall together for me….
he is one talented son of a gun who builds some pretty spectacular shite…..
isn’t he special??
here is some more shots of the WALL

Unfortunately the one other big vavoom of the space got all screwed up, and in the 11th hour did not happen. 
We will be doing a phase two soon of the office which will have this massive wall mural image in the Companies Presidents office that I can’t wait to show you once that happens.
My camera battery is dead so you are just seeing the iPhone images we took. 
I will upload more images and update hopefully soon.
in the meanwhile…
I have yet to spend any quality time with my family in a week and no valentines day with the Duck so
today I am taking the day off (sorta) and spending it with my babes.
  1. Amber, I am SO proud of you. You are so talented, dedicated, and kind hearted. I wish you continued blessings in your work. I especially love the wall contrasted with the white chairs and graphic rug. SICK! I love it. Can’t wait for round 2. Get some much needed and deserved rest.

  2. That wall is my dream. What kind of wood(s?) is it? The whole design is awesome! Fresh and energetic in a calm way if that makes sense. Great job!

  3. The transformation is insane! Seriously, it could not have turned out better… and in a week?! That’s just crazy talk.

    Anyway, I love love love the wood wall (it looks so good with that west elm rug & succulents!) You deserve some major kudos and serious relaxation after this one 🙂

  4. You rocked this Amber!! Love the color scheme and the wood wall. Serious believer in a great design space makes for happy workers!! Do you mind sharing the source for the black geometric rug???

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