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November 10, 2014

Hey! This weekend was amazing but like always, it went fast and I have a case of the Mondays. In a minute I am gonna show you a house tour that you may or may not have already seen…but before I do anything, can we PLEASE talk about the fact that I went to the Mall this weekend and it was already covered in X-Mas paraphernalia …

It’s November 10th dudes……cant I get a little Turkey day excited first before Christmas gets shoved in my face!! Like Jingle bells playing, and wreaths hanging down with twinkly lights and shit everywhere.


Does, Anyone else think that the decorations and christmas crap go up earlier and earlier every year? Am I right or am I wrong?

Anyways, enough angry ranting for one Monday morning, lets get back to the program.

Home Tour Drool Time…








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  1. I’m am so with you about the Christmas decorations! I saw a Chrismtas commercial the day before Halloween!! I hate how they rush us throught the season…it gives you no time to appreciate one holiday at a time, and amps up the stress levels to 100.
    This is such a lovely home. I am smitten with the bright and inviting kitchen/dining area!

  2. Try living in Australia!!! Since we don’t have thanksgiving, Christmas has been in full swing here for WEEKS. In fact, one of the major department stores installed their christmas display in the first week of AUGUST. So over christmas already, and it hasn’t even arrived yet…

  3. This home is off the hook! Thanks for sharing both the home and your thoughts on the premature holiday phenomena that’s happening. Even my kids are bewildered! Don’t the big box retail gods know that in the long run they messing up their sales….at least I hope that’s what happens. Let’s get our holidays back in a civilized more spiritual way! Now it’s up to Americans to stop shopping early and at extreme hours! Soon stores will be open ON Thanksgiving and Christmas.

  4. I have noticed some stores that already have Christmas decor on the shelves. Too soon for me.

    And I love the two chairs in the third photo. Great color and texture.

  5. I’m going to write in the opposite direction as you and begin with the apartment because this place is beautiful! I love the white and black with the accents of browns/bronzes. The brown accents add a bit of warmth to the apartment that is just lovely! I have to say I think one of FeltBallRug.com’s rugs would be a beautiful addition.

    Now onto Christmas, completely agree with you! Christmas is one of my favorite holidays, but so is Thanksgiving so I think we need to give it some recognition.

  6. Seriously, I think I said the same thing when I walked into Target maybe 2 days after Halloween. Major time spasm. Lol
    Btw I love this home and I want it! 🙂

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