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November 6, 2013

if I had known that it was gonna take a fucking century to close escrow on my house, I would have possibly reconsidered.

this is ridiculous… almost 3 months and counting


As I struggle to see the end of this escrow tunnel we are in, I have  started to really think about all the things I love about my current house and I am starting to realize that I am really gonna miss this place.

What will I miss most you ask???

I think my banquette and dining area… Y’all know how I love to change shit up on the reg.

In this room, I no joke have probably changed the rugs and pillows on it about 38 times…all in the name of decor bi-polar.






I really want to have a banquette in my new house somewhere but we are going to be renting. This means that I will probably do less custom and more off the shelf purchasing.

Thankfully these big box stores are really stepping up their game!

I am  real into this little combo..


//  // //   // //  //  //

digging the new added to today.

cute and affordable

  1. When we sold our house we had to leave all of our light fixtures (pendent lamps, etc). Are you leaving behind that gorgeous flower pendant light? If so, lucky new homeowners!!!

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