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Mother’s Day Part III: Best Hikes in LA + Outdoor Essentials – Criollo-

Mother’s Day Part III: Best Hikes in LA + Outdoor Essentials

May 9, 2018

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One of my favorite things to do is to spend time outdoors… and with this perfect spring weather we’re having in Southern California… I’ll be taking my fam for a good ‘ol Mama’s Day hike.

The BEST hikes in LA, in my opinion, are the trails that overlook the ocean. I mean… it REALLY doesn’t get much better than that. So for all you active folk out there… I put together a list of some of my favorite hikes near the ocean and some muuuust have items before hittin’ the trails. Honestly, G has so much energy these days, she might lap us…. but we’ll deal with that on Sunday. Here’s a few of my favs…

  1. : Fun fact… this overlook is the highest point in the Santa Monica Mountains! A lot of people don’t even know that we have this mountain range, but trust people… you don’t want to miss this one… it’s THAT good. I’ll go ahead and say it’s probably one of the prettiest hikes out there.
  2. : Not only does this hike have incredible ocean views, it’s RIGHT NEXT TO soooo, don’t be a fool…and stop by Shoppe before or after your hike and buy your mom whatever she darn wants!
  3. : Another good one in the Santa Monica Mountains AND it’s got lots of shade, so you can save this one when it gets a little warmer too.
  4. : Okay, last one that I’ll mention for now in the Santa Monica Mountains.. A toughy, but a gooood workout if you’re looking for it.  
  5. : This one isn’t reaaaaally a ‘hike,’ but if you’re looking for a goooorgeous view and a nice walk, this is the one for you. It’s only a mile and you’re on the cliffs of Malibu. It’s a stunner.

ALRIGHT, so in summary of my last few Mother’s Day posts… 1) buy mom gifts, 2) make waffles for breakfast, 3) hike off the waffles (see above), and 4) get back home in time to relax before a manic Monday. CAN IT BE MOTHER’S DAY ALREADY?!

Enjoy you guys! I was not kidding when I told ya I’d be posting like crazy for Mother’s Day, and I have ONE more Mother’s Day post coming… so stay tuned!!

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  1. Glad to know what my favorite fashion blogger recommends for hikes. 😉 Hope you have a fabulous mother’s day. G is so adorable!

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