Lombardi House

December 3, 2013

you guys, I am so excited to introduce you  to my next big ole’ project.

now look…I have had a lot of clients, yes

I have designed some pretty killer rooms, worked on some amazing kitchens, and had my fair share of experience designing houses big and small…what I have NOT done yet is embark on designing an incredibly amazing, one-of-a-kind historical Hollywood Mansion!

It’s not just any old mansion friends, its got a hell of a story, and if all goes as planned it will become the hippest new Hollywood event space and vacation rental space around.

first, let me give you a little back story to this whole house and how I have come to get my grubby designer paws on it.

The house is officially called the “Lombardi House”. It was built in the 1900’s and owned by an east coast family of Theatre performers and music teachers. The house was purchased by my client in 2006  and was a complete dump. The plan back then was to level the house and build a giant apartment complex . Luckily for us all, the historical society stepped in and put the kibosh on the development…and so the Lombardi House stayed put.

after a few years of sitting on the house, trying to figure out just what to do, the owners decided on turning the space into a vacation rental property. They got to work on the outside which is stunning….but it took up a lot of time and money and everyday the house sat empty.

The owners understandably started to get a bit antsy to get the house up on the rental market and took a stab and doing the inside rental units on their own. Lets just say, it needs some help. BIG HELP

And this is how I got involved. The project manager on the job gave me a call and quite bluntly said…”you have to come look at this house NOW and fix it NOW.”


I am doing just this.

Here is a look at the outside.








Oh and did I mention there is a derelict garage in the back which we are turning into a Barn style event space !!!

good LAWD I am excited.



beautiful right?

can you not see the insane potential???

Smack dab in the middle of Hollywood as well

I am not even going to show you the inside. The Before and Afters will be SO good…

Happy Tuesday

I am sick..again

but no rest for me

  1. Congratulations! I love the feeling of a new project and a historic Hollywood manse must be that much better.

    What a road you have ahead of you. Are you planning on keeping the design historic Hollywood or going modern?

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