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Life according to my iPhone – Criollo-

Life according to my iPhone

June 24, 2013

I havent done one of these in a while, so we have a LOT to catch up on friends.

here is a little “life according to my phone”

like 3 weeks ago I did an install and here is the long and short of it all…

if you follow on Instagram you already saw some of this, but I figured you should see it again!

from this….

photo 1 copy

to this

photo 3 copy

photo 4 copy

photo 1I didn’t take a lot of pictures…lets just say this didn’t end the way I ha hoped

(maybe one day I’ll talk about it)

for now, I am sure YOU  all can appreciate how pretty these little snippets are


next up, is kicking bootie!

thanks so much for your support and purchases..its super fun to have my fave things available for you to peruse

Screen shot 2013-06-19 at 4.07.23 PM

We got some love on the.

and I started slangin

did you all happen to see this amazing?

Snatch it quick cause there is only 1 left!



I went overboard and bought so much fabric for pillows that it almost didn’t fit in my trunk…

#imean…thats fabric porn, right???

photo 3

To my delight, I received the most awesome of awesomest packages from ..

Then new “” print bedding arrived all perfectly packaged up and ready for its new home on G’s bed! I cant wait to debut that little makeover!

photo 4 copy

“Summer Break” is in full swing, and I have been soaking up every minute of it!!!

this little is a diva….but I am obsessed with her and how could I NOT be?


photo 1 copy 2

everyday has been jam packed full of quality “fun time” and G has been in heaven!

the Duck and I snuck out for a night away from the diva..

photo copy

I missed her loads but a little smooch and all was forgotten

I wore which is just beyond cute on, and is super flattering, ,and 

We took a drive up the coast to Santa Barbara to meet up with  and Brian Meares. We rode bikes, ate some sub par mexican, and got some ice-cream…photo 4 copy 2

the weather was perfect and I secretly wished they would never leave 🙁

also Stella the cat found a new spot

photo 1 copy 3

hows that for a post…

  1. shoot. i’m sorry that bedroom sitch didn’t end how you wanted to. from what little snippets i can see i am in love and would like to teleport all of that junk up to northern california to jazz up my lackluster bedroom.
    and it makes my heart happy to see your mama time with G.

  2. It’s totally not weird that I want to roll around naked in your trunk full of fabric.

    LOVE that swimsuit pic of G doing her best I-know-youre-not-taking-my-picture-when-i-really-want-to-swim pose.

  3. Sorry things didn’t go as planned. It looks great though! And Stella is super cute in her new spot. Between you and Bri from Design Love Fest with her pot kitty, I think I’m going to have to get a pot for my Duchess! Apparently its the place to be

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