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March 20, 2014

I have not done one of these in quite some time!! I have been busy getting busier and adding more and more to my work load/life load. Its intense but I wouldn’t change it for the world.

Here is a bit of my life according to my iPhone

I had a meeting on Melrose Place and decided it was high time I treated myself to .. I wanted to buy quite a lot more, but I restrained..




Speaking of meetings I also had a pow wow with my buddy and Melissa from to discuss our upcoming pillow collaboration. Its set to launch on March 31st…but I will let you know more deets when I can.

Then I checked in On The Lombardi House and its all starting to come together.


PLUS we have started construction on the “Barn” which in my eyes is the Highlight of the whole property.



The is constantly cleaning and adding new things everyday. I took a rare photo of a cupboard where a fraction of my stock lives..Its like pillow porn



The Hound took a liking to the new rug. The colors really compliment her eyes, don’t they?


I also think the i rug (shown here) is just the perfect combo with my new .


I fell in love with my newest shipment of textiles. I am pretty sure I won’t sell these, but you never know.



I am getting ready for my!!! Its happening on March 26th so mark your calendars. You can see below I have a killer ottoman that will be listed. Trust me, You WON’T want to miss this!


spring has sprung in my hood, and I am spending a lot of my free time (which is limited) outside!!


Our pool is about the same temperature as the Arctic Ocean…but that didn’t stop me and my girl from dippin’ a toe



Oh and if you didn’t already peep on my , check out my Obsessed doesn’t even begin to describe!

photo 2


I am totally feeling like G should have a mini section of the blog dedicated to her for her 4 year old Fashun…what do you guys think??



We are gearing up to do a DIY involving some sweet ass wrapping paper and some Mod Podge..#crafty



Also G got a coupe of to sit in while she’s coloring on her art table.


Then I went out searching for a bunch of client furniture.

I fell in LOVE with these chairs from ..I am thinking they will go perfectly in the Library we are designing!


this bed is a game changer…hmmmm


and lastly… but certainly not least, this cute bed got a dose of . Wait till you see the whole room!

coming soon..


happy thursday lovers


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