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Just the After :: Client For Realz the Nicest People on the Planet – Criollo-

Just the After :: Client For Realz the Nicest People on the Planet

April 5, 2017

Can you believe it? I’ve got ANOTHER client reveal to show you!!

I’m not evening kidding, I’m pretty sure this is a record for me! 3 reveals in only a couple months, not bad. We spent the better part of last year designing a bunch of “ground ups” and major remodels, so it’s so cool to FINALLY have some proof I actually work…HAHA! Coming up, we will have our East coast client in Connecticut, our La Jolla client, A Santa Monica client, A couple Pacific Palisades projects, our Venice project, and a few other good ones I can’t wait to show you. We are all over the map and its gonna be a doozie of a year for “Reveals”.

I have been sneaking out pictures on Instagram of  but here is a little more background!! This project was up North in gorgeous Lafayette, CA. This precious family lost their home to a fire a few years back. Besides being obviously totally devastated that the house was no loner there, it happened to be my clients childhood home…so it was nothing short of the worst thing ever. Its hard to describe how kind and sweet and thankful these clients were, but given they had been through so much, their gracious and loving spirit was infectious, and so we did everything we could to make their new home perfect for them. I was hired just around the time the plans were getting through the city. I was lucky enough to get to work with architect Barbara Chambers of  and together we collaborated to really knock this beauty out of the park.

 , …literally everyone involved was so great to work with. There is not enough that can be said about working with a stellar team, and this project was a DREAM from start to finish.










As you can see, I aired on the side of going slightly more traditional than I usually do…but I have to say, being able to switch back and forth from all types of styles is so creatively fulfilling…despite how cheesy that sounds! Its what I love most about my job. Flexing that mental muscle in different ways, for different clients on each project.

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  1. So first of all that was a bonkers house tour. The details of the house are gorgeous. I’m from northern cali and can only imagine the landscape around the house and how beautiful it all must be! What stood out to me the most is how good marble, white and nickel look together. That master bath was stunning and completely outside of my typical traditional style. Made my jaw actually drop a bit. Nice work!

    1. What I meant to say up there is that the bathroom is outside of my typical non-traditional style! But I love it.

  2. Your work, your style is breathtaking. I grew up in CT with a boho, arty mom with no money but amazing style. It’s weird when creatives find their aesthetic soul mates online. I’ve been following you for awhile (think I found you on Pinterest?) Just joined Insta yesterday so…Thank you so much for sharing your talent, your sources, your success, etc..with respect…Neiley

  3. My jaw literally dropped! This home is ridiculously beautiful. I really LOVE it! Every detail is exquisite. I particularly love (although, too bad for me) that it feels very difficult to replicate, which is actually a good thing. Means the home is very well curated. I love how cozy, yet bright it feels. The textures really work well together! Oh my, I could go on for days…. Seriously, congratulations. This home is breathtaking! Love the kitchen, too 😀

  4. Amber,
    I am sure you have heard it millions of times, but you seriously can do no wrong. You inspire me like crazy….bowing down to the queen of interiors. I could stare at this all day. Amazing work!

    Much Love,

  5. After every reveal you do, I say “that is my dream house”! Everything you do is so beautiful and unique. I just can’t get enough of the fabrics and finishes that you choose. If I won the lottery, I would fly you to Michigan to work your magic on my house. I need some Criollo Cali magic here in the Midwest.

  6. I love how cohesive this house looks from room to room; beautifully planned. And the tile in the master bathroom is certainly beautiful! I’ve never seen a texture like that on tile.

  7. Holy holy GORGEOUS! I have to say how soothing and calm the whole house is – the transition between rooms is seamless and everything is so airy and light. Sadly, just by my looking at the Maidenhair ferns, I fear I may have killed them – sorry!

  8. OH MY GAWD! This house amazing, I love the built-ins so much, so much is amazing. How inspiring. You need to do a follow-up “get this look” post for this home.

  9. I have been patiently waiting for this reveal for so long!! Just amazing!!! You have outdone yourself!! That wicker sunburst mirror…is it available in your shop? Also love the headboard fabric in Weston’s room.

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