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Just the AFTER // Client Black Houses are the Best Houses – Criollo-

Just the AFTER // Client Black Houses are the Best Houses

March 13, 2018

YAY!! It’s finally here IT’S FINALLY HERE!!!!!

This project was a long one and a good one if you ask me

We were first ed in 2015 to help these clients build this house from the ground up. They had some preliminary designs from the architect and wanted to create a “Scandinavian Modern Cabin” vibe…despite being smack in the middle of Venice California. We were lucky enough to work with an awesome Contractor ( ) as well as work with some pretty cool clients. They had a good idea of how they wanted the house to look, and were majorly flexible with a massive amount of layout changes …like flipping the kitchen to a completely new location!! Anyways, this was a super fun project, and way more modern than anything we had done at the time. Of course now we have quite a few Modern design projects going on, but this was an awesome way to flex our “Scandi Modern design Muscles” for the very first time!

OK scroll on down and let me know what you think in the comments!!


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  1. one of the nicest houses i’ve seen in a long time!! the wood/glass shelving in the kitchen is stunning & everything’s a perfect balance of masculine/feminine in this abode. ✨✨

  2. Everything you do is perfection. I am completely obsessed with the Kitchen & black bathroom, congratulations on another dreamy job!

  3. It’s sooooo fresh but still grounded, and sparkly new but timeworn all the same, as all truly good design is. It makes me feel good when I look at it. Thanks for sharing aid! You did good.

  4. Uh, this is gorg! Where are the brown leather pouf ottomans from? I’ve been looking for one I love as much as those. Great work!

  5. Amber. This house is IN-FREAKING-CREDIBLE. I will be using this as my happy place for my evening meditations from now on. It really touches on everything I love about Scandinavian design in such a fresh way without feeling stark. SO MUCH WARMTH, TEXTURE and LIT FURNITURE. You and your team deserve all the happy emojis for this beauty. Well done.

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