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Just Some Things // New Year – New Me – Criollo-

Just Some Things // New Year – New Me

January 9, 2018

I know, I know – I’m a couple days behind the “New Year, New Me” craze… SO SUE ME. But hey, at least I’m actually doing it! I think I’m finally seeing the light about taking care of myself first and foremost. As you know, I run a full-service design firm and it’s pretty difficult to find time for myself in-between all the client correspondence and onsite visits. Sometimes I can overwork my body and mind because I never take a break!

So, question to all you working peeps… HOW DO YOU FIND THE TIME FOR YOURSELF? Whether it’s working out, meditating, creating art, etc. Let me know – Let’s start a conversation about it… I’ve personally been listening to on repeat and challenging myself with workouts from the .

I’ve put together a couple of my favorite fitness apparel and accessories – I’m all about a moody black/white combo. Be sure to check out the links below to Shop the Post! I’ve included my favorite sunnies, you’ve seen me wear a million times on Instagram… My favorite all-natural deodorant… and my fav on-the-go facial cleaning wipes…ENJOY!! 


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  1. Love this! I am so excited you’ve found the brand! CLEANSE by LAUREN NAPIER is made in America with pure ingredients and solar energy! It’s perfect for your gym bag or tote! xo LN

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