Just a bit curious…

October 18, 2013


wanna know what sucks…?

when I made the switch from my blogspot address to this brand spanking new fancy pants WordPress site , I feel like I lost A LOT of you!

Like, one day you were there and  the next day, either my blog totally started sucking ass and you bailed on me or you just didn’t read the giant memo that I moved.

so, I gotta ask..

Where in the Sh!t did you go?

First off, Let me make sure I thank the friends both new and old who have either stuck around from the good old days or are new to this fancy pants site that I now lovingly call home. I am so thankful for you and your comments and general readership.

For those of you that may have forgotten about me, I don’t really want to grovel and cry or crawl on my knees and beg for you to come back to me like  I am pathetic and desperate or something, but CMon bitches…show me some love!!

You complete me

TELL ME, What am I missing?? What am I not doing that you used to love, or what do you want to see me post more of/less of…

It really encourages me to create better content for your perusal and enjoyment when I hear feedback from you lovers…so lay it on me, and don’t hold back.

alrighty then..?

if you are still picking up what I am putting down, can you do me a fatty fave and start


Also, can you please sign up on my side bar right where it says

++ enter email here++

and then a giant FOLLOW button below it…

and just in general, you should just swing by every now and again and say hey!

you dig?

cool, I am glad we had this talk…

(and yes I have had 3 martinis and yes I have my Menzzies so, theres that)


love you, mean it

  1. Originally found you through Instagram. Love your style. Agree with a few other comments, I too am more interested in your interiors over clothing related posts. I also agree that interaction with your audience goes a long way. I just find that I’m more into a blog when I see that the writer is engaged and reachable. But I love your work. Your daughter’s room was sheer genius. Looking forward to seeing what you do in your new space.

  2. Amber! I LOVE your blog and have followed it for several years. Somehow though, when you switched to the WordPress format, I never saw the post telling me to update. So on my blog reader, it just had the post where yall went to england as the most recent blog post, so I figured you had taken a break. THEN, about a month ago, I went to your website to shop and realized you’ve been posting all this time. I then took it upon myself to go through every single post I had missed like it was a homework assignment.

    All that to say, could you post on your old blog format a friendly reminder of your new site? It might update in people’s feeds and they can join us again.

  3. I have read your site for a few years now. Bought a pillow for a project that I did for a deserving mama and will continue to buy as soon as we get more funds and go non profit. If you ever feel the need to “give” please check us out as I love sprucing up deserving moms homes. Don’t ya think there needs to be more love like that? Its kinda hard while nursing and painting or sewing, so I do all that…well, not the nursing. Loyal reader here!

  4. I discovered you from i think glitter guide and i love ya. The things that drew me to you was not just your style but you’re a cool mom married to a cool guy with a super cute dopelganger daughter. I love your fashion posts, I also like finished projects, and i feel a little like i’m living in LA vicariously through you, so like restaurants and shops and things to do there interest me. I also follow you on instagram, which often makes me visit your blog.

  5. Yours is one of three blogs I check daily. I don’t follow anyone, just have you saved to favorites. I love your design style and prefer design-related posts, but generally enjoy everything you post. I would like to hear some of the thought process behind your designs or what inspired you. I think it would be fun if you showed more examples of colors/styles/patterns that you would put together because your look is always so fresh, inspiring and just plain pretty in a gender-neutral sort of way. Looking forward to posts related to your new house!

  6. Hey Amber – I’m another reader that visits your blog daily, and loves to read your blog. I also prefer to check the blog daily as I sip my latte, rather than sign up for email updates. I love your fashion/style updates as well as your interior inspirations, so I would still love to see some of those posts! One of my top 5 favourite blogs for a unique take on design…

  7. Hey! So I haven’t read the other comments but you did lose me for quite a while because I wasn’t aware of the switch. I am usually pretty good about such things but in your case I was a follower in Google Reader/feedly and for a long time I just saw no new content. Just recently I followed a link from a different blog (can’t remember which one, sorry) and saw it was you and you had been posting all along! So I added the new site to feedly and deleted the old and now I am happy to see new content often! Whenever there is a blog I enjoy I make sure the update the new address when that final “I’ve moved” post comes up. I am wondering if something happened with that post and a lot of your subscribers didn’t receive it? Personally I am happy to have reunited with you!

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