Introducing “client freakin fabulous”

August 15, 2014

Recently, we started a new project with some lovely clients down in Newport Beach CA. We can’t say enough about how great the whole experience thus far has been. In fact it has been “Freakin’ Fabulous” hence why we have lovingly dubbed them  “Client Freaking Fabulous”.  Literally, they are so amazing, and EASY ….our conversations typically sound like this….

ME: “Hey Client Freaking Fabulous how about this, that, and a little bit of this and that?”

CFF:” Sure, Love, Lets do it…whatever you say designer are great and what you say goes”

HA, I mean it doesn’t really sound like that…but close enough to make me very content with this project.

Anyways, here is some sad sad  “before’s” that will quickly become some killer “afters”






as you can see we are doing a whole lot in only little month, but we have welcomed the challenge. Here is what it looks like now..MUCH DIFFERENT

:: DURING ::








So thats where we are at with that. The vibe is going to be mighty cool, but I will show you everything after it all starts coming together.  Happy Friday lovers! Hope you have the best weekend! It’s the ducks Bday on Sunday so because I am a tolerant wife and love him unconditionally….I am going to play a game of War Hammer with him. Google it..

Love ya mean it

  1. OMG this place is gonna be freakin fabulous! i’m sure as a designer its so fun to be able to do your thing and just make it fabulous! can’t wait to see it all come together. kudos to you!

  2. I like the transformation! I support the idea of a new window and removing the wall. The bigger doors are much better and make it look spacey. When you change the color of the walls, it will lighten the room and make it look more fresh. It also helped in my house. I can see that you have it all planned out! Good job!

  3. This is so amazing!!! Wish I had my own place to do this. With the extra windows and bigger doors, it looks so amazing! It brings in extra shine. Wish I could see the finale.

  4. Any chance you can share your favorite white paint colors, a la the one in the after photo of the living room? Or is that just primed? ha, it’s amazing how much more chic and minimalist and fabulous it is all being white and not that cream with white trim…

  5. Wow, just beautiful updates to this home! The original floors looked like bamboo, were they? Did new floors include ripping up and replacing or just refinishing?

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