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I did Some Wallpaper Y’all – Criollo-

I did Some Wallpaper Y’all

February 16, 2015

For the past few months I have been working on a small line of wallpapers. I have refrained from talking about it too much because I am ridiculously  superstitious and generally insane when it comes to these things. I spend hours and hours freaking out that it’s going to be awful and everyone is gonna hate it and then in turn hate me. And then a massive email CC’ing everyone in the universe but me will be sent, telling the whole of humanity to turn its back on me and I will be banished and left alone, cold and rejected while people throw things at me from their windows as I am forced to parade down the streets with a dunce cap on…. Dramatic I know, but the struggle is real.

Anyways, that thankfully has not happened, so I am now ready to officially talk all about it!!!

The whole thing was a collaboration with and 2 other of my fave designers and . It’s out and available to purchase through Studio Four and eventually on .

We were lucky enough to get out to New York for the launch and I was super impressed with the way Studio Four set up the showroom! It was a cool way to showcase all of the designs and see them on a larger scale!

FYI Brian’s is far right, Angie’s are in the middle, and mine are far left.



Here are the names and patterns next to each. For resale, we went kind of mellow on the color schemes, but the paper can be made in custom colors…so I am dying to see in bright, bright pink!!


Also, in super exciting news.. the wallpapers got some press in March’s mag!! It’s my first time being in this magazine and it’s rad and I am totally trying to play it cool…..but SQUEAL!

FullSizeRender 2


Anyways, I am eager to use this paper in a project or 2.

Hope you guys like.

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