Friday Thoughts on Things

May 2, 2014

Thoughts 5.2

1 // This bike would make even the least skilled cyclist look snazzy. Check out all the other colors .

2 // wool blanket would make the perfect gift.

3 // Even though I fancy myself an artsy fartsy kinda gal… My handwriting BLOWS. I always want to know how to brush up my skills and  calligraphy tutorial was quite helpful. I think I’ll try my hand at it (get it?!)

4 // I have found to rival all striped shirts. The fit is perfect and I bought 2…because what the hell else am I supposed to do when something is so perfect

5 // Noteworthy..

6 // Stumbled on house and was reminded of its radicalness.. The exterior is what dragged me in and the interior is what made me stay. Swoon worthy

7 // Everybody needs some sparkle in their lives. Why not add some boho-sparkle to the end of your bed, or back of your couch. Hell you can even just chuck it on the floor and roll around on one.. Just because. just got a  and they are sellin like hot cakes. Treat yo’ self

8 // Although I tend to favor a “beer-garita,” I plan on making for our Cinco de Mayo bash this Saturday. Follow me on instagram for some selfies of me drunk. That’s always a good time

T minus 3 weeks ’til I’m lounging poolside with an umbrella drink in hand!! Happy Friday peeps!

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