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May 30, 2014

thoughts may 30

1 // This outfit is on repeat. I bought   cute shades for my trip to Mexico and they are now officially my fave. , ,  and  are the perfect “go to” summer style.”

2 // Well friends the has finally come to an end…we can all rest assured that this spicy condiment will be back on the shelves. Phew.

3 // My wrote . It touches on almost every quintessential place to go, eat, stay, shop, and even possibly spot a celeb.

4 // . A guide to the essential 3 staples every timeless wardrobe should have.

5 //  from Anthro is the JAM! Its fun and colorful and I can see it sitting pretty in any corner of any house. In Fact the entire is pretty great.

6 // One of the many from the late great Maya Angelou. Here’s to a truly beautiful spirit and a life well lived!

7 // Have you all heard of the ? Well if not please go visit. Its a major reminder that we should all practice kindness. Its so much easier to be nice than mean. Raising a little girl, this really hits a chord.

Cheers to the weekend lovers!

  1. They make it out to be wayyyy more dramatic than it really is re: Sriracha…just like the Twinkie debacle and now they’re back with a vengeance! lol…goes to show they can’t keep a good brotha down babe!

    Happy Weekend to ya!

    Peace. Love. LOL!

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