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Friday Thoughts on Things – Criollo-

Friday Thoughts on Things

May 9, 2014




We’re movin and shakin’ over here at Criollo as I gear up for my long overdue vaca, 1 week and countingggg.

1/2 – Still rocking and haven’t taken off my in a few days. The’yre supes cute. Also loving my new plant addition, it’s a maidenhair fern.

3 – got some new loot this week including this lovely new addition: the — we’re still celebrating Cinco de Mayo over heeya

4 – Stumbled across and think even I can handle these bad boys. Low maintenance // no maintenance is my cup o tea.

5 – Just recently met , a series dedicated to the art and story of the surfboard fin. It’s bright and colorful and I dig it.

6 – Nerd-ed out a little over that studies in depth the mixing of colors.

7 – Cried a tear or two over Sara Bareilles new music video Maybe it’s the stress of leaving behind a million and one projects while I’m in Mehico or lack of sleep but my hormones and emotions are clearly raging.

8 – I’m always looking for a little food inspiration and came across these  and think I’ll give them a try– the kale and sesame salad looks delish.

Happy happy weekend lovers.

  1. This would be a good read for you. Love your blog and click your links but you really should be disclosing.

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