DIY: credenza

September 2, 2015

Wait…can we please take a moment to discuss how in the heck it is already September…SEPTEMBER Y’ALL!! It’s crazy how fast the days are going by…Speaking of September, it is indeed the month that we as a little family have the most events of the entire year. G is turning 6, I am turning 21 again…The Duck and I will be celebrating 9 years of marriage and the SHOPPE is finally and actually freakin’ opening. Oh and did I mention all of this is happening in the midst of 3 client installs…no biggie. I’ll sleep when I am dead

Anywayz…I posted a pic of my new office over on the ol’ about a week ago and got a lot of questions and feedback about the floating credenza. So, I decided to whip y’all up a little DIY, so you lovelies can create one just like it for your own diggity digs or office offices! Happy hump day y’all!

Criollo - DIY - Credenza inspo pics: // // // //

diy supplies:

1 // Sektion – Top cabinet for fridge w/2 doors, white, Ringhult white from

2 // Sektion – suspension rail from

3 // Contact Cement – can be found online or at any home improvement store

4 // Natural oak wood top or whatever wood you prefer!

 The best tutorial I read was from but she used the older style of ikea kitchen cabinets which are no longer available…. Use the Sektion Style instead!

  1. Amber, THANK YOU! I’m constantly lusting after these sorts of floating credenzas, wondering how to build them (especially in a rental). This is just the project I need for the fall. Thank you!

  2. I love all your work, you are so talented! I have been searching for a beautiful aerial water photograph like yours. Do you have any sources you can share? Thanks!

  3. Hi, I follow you on instagram and I love your new before and afters, general use of textiles and patterns. I have been waffling between a 24″ and 14″ deep sektion “fauxdenza” to incorporate a desk into. Does the 24″ deep one you installed feel able to carry much weight? Somehow it seems like it would put more strain on the suspension rail. Curious to hear your feelings!

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