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March 24, 2014

So if you missed it…I have booked a much needed !! Not just any old vacation my friends…. a super kick ass, lay by a pool, all-inclusive, motha-trucking Mexican vacation!!!!!

 Telling you I am excited is just not enough. I literally am so excited, that I am counting down the hours, minutes, and seconds until May 19th. It’s doubtful I will make it this week, let alone the next 56 days without imploding . GET ME TO MEXICO NOW!!

I may never come home, and that’s cool because there is margaritas and wifi…right?

Anyways, I am on a crazy mission to shed a little and tone a lot to get in a “Cool Mom” bathing suit for the trip. I have been web shopping (while I do squats) and so far I have my eyeballs on these cuties.


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Anyone have any fab diet and exercise recommendations I should check out to get me Mexi-Ready in 56 days ?? I’ll take any and all suggestions!!

Happy Monday Lovers

  1. I’ve lost 26lb in 11 weeks just from healthy eating, portion control and a whole lot of exercise. My advice is swap bread for ryvitas (if you get them in the US). Just that alone made me waaay less bulky than I was before. Also if any swimming pools do deep water aquafit classes near you go it is the best thing EVER!!! xxx

  2. Hi Amber!

    You really can’t go wrong with the 17 day diet – seems like a fad diet but it’s the only way to live! Hot lemon water in the morning with green tea after every meal! Lean protein and probiotics never seemed like such a good idea! My mom and I swear by this as a way to supplement a good workout and you really do shed pounds pretty quickly. Closest thing to a miracle I’ve witnessed yet!! Good luck

  3. 5 + 7 are amazing! I’m jealous and don’t blame you if you stay there! We did an all inclusive in cancun and it was aaaaamazing. Two words of advice- I’ve been eating paleo for almost a month and it really flattens out your tummy and just all over- reduces inflammation all over! Helps you tone up quickly too. Second thing- steer clear of the shell fish in mexi- I was unaware of this rule when we went!
    Let us know what suit you get! Xo

  4. Yay! Let the countdown begin! Gotta love a (sunny) light at the end of the tunnel. As far as exercise, since you’re clearly a skinny minnie, I imagine toning is mostly what you’re going for. For me, barre classes are the way to go for toning. It literally reshapes your body & tightens & lifts everything. Plus all the stretching makes you really flexible! Def my favorite workout so far.

  5. Bases on photos of yourself you’ve posted, doesn’t really look like you need to lose weight. But if still want to, I agree with Laura Hampshire’s previous comment – eating healthily. Also, watching portions. I have MyNetDiary app on my phone. You plug in what you weigh, how much you want to weigh, and by what date. It will then tell you how many calories you can eat per day. And, you log what you eat right into your phone. It has a barcode so you can scan your food’s packaging – makes it easier. As the day goes by, it subtracts from your daily allowance. And, you enter any exercise you do too. This will give you extra calories in your daily allowance. I love it. Good luck!

  6. Pure Barre! Got me ready for Hawaiian vacation only 8 months after having a baby (only to get pregnant again on said vacation. (watch out))

  7. Two words – Tracy Anderson. Her metamorphosis dvd, it’s a 90 day thing, but I saw huge results after just weeks. I know I sound like a spokesperson, but I’m a mom and I totally get it. Many days I even skipped the cardio part and just did the toning/muscle work and still saw results. Congrats on the booked vacation 🙂

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