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// COME WORK AT TEAM AID // – Criollo-


July 31, 2016

I am super-duper DUPER bummed to have to say goodbye to one of my all time fave employees Katie. She is off to get married and work for an architecture firm and get those much needed hours to actually become a big time Architect!. I am sad, but super proud of her and wish her nothing but the best while I secretly perform voodoo so she stays…. or at least comes back after 2 years!! HA!

So anyways, needless to say I have to fill her position, which leads me to announce that I AM HIRING…again

I have posted “We are Hiring” posts before, our of being desperate and freaking out to hurry up and get another body in the office to help out, but this time…..I am doing things different. I want to make sure I hire someone who wants a career, and not  experience alone, or to use my firm as a stepping stone. I mean I appreciate that those things need to happen for everyone at some point, I just am not able to hire that person anymore…. or at least for this specific position.

So what do you need to fit the bill??? Read Below and please respect that if you are going to apply, you must check off all the below boxes…. THIS JOB REQUIRES THEM!!!

– You must have at LEAST 2 years experience at an interior design firm.

– You must know CAD, Photoshop, illustrator, excel, and quick books. If you can use a 3D rendering program that’s a MAJOR bonus or if you can do a good old fashion hand drawn rendering that’s great also!! The more you can do, the more of an asset you will become!

– You must know or be familiar with Design Manager. We use this program in the office and unfortunately, we don’t have room in the schedule to teach anyone how it works!

– You must know how to go into a home, measure accurately, take photos and create floor plans for clients. You are representing me and my company so being “presentable” is super important. I like to have fun in the office and with my clients, but you have to know when to get down to business!

– Project management proficiency is required. You must pay attention to detail and be able to work closely with me to help manage our work schedules as well as production and vendor schedules. You need to be able to keep track of the client “to-do” list, keep the calendar up to date, follow-up with orders, keep invoices updated, and have an overall sense of what is going on in the office and what needs to be accomplished. This part of the job requires excellent organization skills. Ideally you would just instinctually keep my head screwed on straight, and help support the whole team. Being a self-starter is CRUCIAL!!! There is almost zero hand holding!

– You must be friendly, honest, and accountable. I am looking to hire someone to work really closely with me and my team, so you need to be drama free and have a sense of humor. It’s not a rare sight to see me stumble into work, disheveled and demanding comic relief and coffee.

– A love of design and style as well as an up to date knowledge of whats happening in the design world is a MUST. I am talking blogs, and magazines, and all things design related. We currently only like to employ design obsessed nerds that have nothing better to do than geek out with us about the latest Domino mag. HA, I am totally kidding …and I am an equal opportunity employer,  so I would also hire interior dorks, design dweebs, fabric freaks, color geeks, and just plain Goobers.

– Great communication skills are necessary for this position. We are constantly talking to vendors, clients, customers, etc. and you need to be able to communicate with them as well as relay information from them to myself. We all like to be in the loop of what’s going on around here so we can be the most productive and efficient as possible. Have you ever played a game of telephone? Yeah, its kinda like that.

– You must be a self-starter and be able to work independently as well as collaborate with a team. I need somebody who is ready to tackle the day when they come into the office and get that we werk really hard and are non stop day in day out.


+ + +

Now lets talk about what in fact you will be doing on a day to day basis: 

This position will have you working from 9:00am to 6:00pm on a daily basis mainly from our brand spankin new Design Studio with the flexibility to work a 50+ hour week sometimes. We also have clients around the country, so traveling is part of the program around here. We travel often!!

You will be working closely with me and my Senior Designer and entire design team to help design and manage projects, create mood boards, organize fabrics, SHOP TILL YOU DROP, vendors and clients and arrange schedules, create purchase orders and invoices, and CAD CAD CAD!

You must have a reliable car, live in LA, you must be an amazing note taker, and you MUST have a good attitude.  I like to surround myself with positive and creative people.

In your resume please include anything that is relevant to YOUR design and style. If you have a blog, send a link. Same with instagram, feed, Pinterest… whatever you want me to see to show me who you are!

If you are currently still working at a design firm, please send me some examples of projects you ave worked on, as long as you feel like they truly define your style and who you want to be as a designer. If you know Photoshop (which you will need to know to qualify for this position) make me a mood board showing me your dream interior… Do something to stand out! Being professional is great, but I am a personable person, so the person I hire must ALSO be personable!

depends on experience
Please email me at
Please use the subject line “TEAM AID” and include your resume into the body of your email please!!! Remember, mood boards, link to your Pinterest, blog, whatever.. I wanna see it!
I am really looking forward to this guys, so tell ya mama, tell your friends, tell ya sista, tell anyone who you think wants to know!
  1. Please look at my Facebook and Instagram, I have great eye for detail and design. I’m very in tune to what is going on now and can come up with new ideas at the drop of a hat…Everyone says I have the “GIFT”, but sometimes you must wonder because my mind is constantly going. Once a design is decided I basically can picture everything done in my mind.
    I worked in the Garment Industry for 25yrs so I fell in love with design/detail and working with architects after all the mfg went overseas….I did production for a textile firm and negotiated about 10-12 million lbs of yarn a years( including yarn dye). We also had 137 knitting machines, and a dye house in the City of Commerce, and 9 Sales People, and traveled to N.Carolina and NY for business.
    I was the right hand person to the owner
    I have remodeled( down to the studs) 4 different homes we lived in, including 1 in Upstate NY on Consesus Lake
    My home # 9095921211……please call this # 1st
    Cell # 9098158790

  2. I would love to have a meet and greet or even a phone conversation with Amber Interior Designs
    Home #9095921211
    Cell 9098158790

    Please try my home # 1st
    Look forward to speaking to you

  3. Has there been any lead way with interviews etc for Criollo
    Home #9095921211
    Cell 9098158790

    Please try my home # 1st
    Look forward to speaking to you

  4. Wow what a fantastic opportunity, sounds like an awesome challenge and a fantastic work environment. Would love to work for you Amber but I’m way up in Canada. All the best in your search for your next team member!

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