Client Freakin Fabulous: The Guest Bath Reveal

June 24, 2015

Here is another informative and juicy post from my appropriately named  Client Freakin’ Fabulous. This time around I’m showing you some of the thought process that went into renovating their guest bathroom.

1 // I wanted to do something kinda cool in this cute little space. One of the first things that came to mind when we were pulling this baby together was adding a little visual interest to the floors to draw your eye away from the small space. PLUS having rad floors scores you double points when you can provide your guests with a rad floor for them to take a pic of their feet on for social media! I blame @ihavethisthingwithfloors !! HA!

2 // Add storage!!  Ya see….it was pretty little, and in my opinion if a bathroom is little, you really need to get creative with both storage, AND making it interesting with fixtures etc. so that it doesn’t just end up looking like an updated boring bathroom when your all done. We created this unique floating vanity out of walnut and added leather pulls for interest…and a touch of manly, masculine vibes.

3// To lighten up the room I painted the walls with Dunn Edwards white and changed the shower tile to a simple subway to keep everything bright and clean-looking. Instead of going with basic “silver” shower fixtures, we went with a matte black finish on all the shower trim and shower glass pulls. It was a lot more sleek and fit in with the whole vibe of the house.

4 //  We didn’t stop at the matte black though… Just a touch of brass was added with their faucet and some fun pendants to bring back elements of the kitchen and the rest of the house.. I love the look of it contrasted with the dark vanity and wood built out.

5 // Instead of just mounting a mirror, I wanted to do something a little more unique. We created a shelf out of walnut above the sink that would house the mirror and allow for a fancy soap and a cactus…or something a little less glamorous…like a curling iron?! 



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  1. Your work really is amazing, Amber!!! Please keep these before and afters coming, they’re jaw-droppingly gorgeous!!!

  2. i’m desperate to know what kind of tub you used… I’m about to start a master bath remodel and this is exactly what i want!!!

  3. You do it every time ! (Pull it out of the bag I mean) I love looking at the before photos and imagining what you might to only for all my expectations to be exceeded by what you actually did do. Those floor tiles are a find.

  4. Great post Amber, really inspiring to be able to see the difference a great designer makes to a space. I was interested in knowing though if you did anything different with the light source other than just refresh the walls as the space looks like you added a new window in, what with the difference in the before and after pics.

  5. Is the tub the same? in the post you just mention replacing the tile. It looks fantastic! Please elaborate on the tub or what is different. thank you!

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