Checking in

January 29, 2013

Hi lovers

I am here but not back. I just wanted to check in so y’all know what’s going on in my world.
If you follow me on Instagram (amberinteriors), you would have seen that we did not make it to the UK in time to see Nan one last time. She passed away on the Monday before we left 
It’s so SO sad but we are happy to be here with the Ducks fam celebrating Nan’s life.
We had a stroke of luck (in my book at least) and got to see the snow! 
G had the best time and has been such a good girl despite the long travel and major jet lag.
I am so thankful she has been awesome…I may be overcompensating and allowing her way to much chocolate, can you blame me?
Here are some things you all should know about…if you don’t know already.
I created a little gift guide for Magazine.
 Valentines is right around the corner and seriously this kinda gift giving made easy is right up my alley!

roller skates…COME ON!
I jumped on the #VineApp bandwagon and got myself a little profile
Follow along for little videos such as this!
also, there are only a few days left of Free Shipping on all items from the
Ends on Feb1st so don’t miss out
I will be back soon,
 don’t forget to follow me on Instagram and Vine (amberinteriors)
love you mean it

  1. I feel so bad for you. When you are a mom and working full time getting through a regular day is tough. When you add in additional hardships (no matter how minor they are to other people) it can be enough to break you. I noticed a few days ago there was a picture of your bedroom in a yahoo news story. You never mentioned it on here so I thought you might not have seen it. You should be very proud of yourself.

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