This just in…..what a house!

August 31, 2015

So remember like when I  totally like talked like about like THIS amazing interior design  like???? Well, dudes, lovers, gentle ladies…….did you happen to catch her home tour over on home shot by my homey .

Well if you haven’t…..go on then


Noteworthy: Yay or Nay-Nay ….a little house

August 25, 2015

 I am not that hip…let’s be honest. I can pretend I am though, because I work in an office full of 25 year olds who by far keep me ” in the know” with what all the cool kids are doing.

I guess these tiny houses are real, and I am on the fence. And when I am on the fence I ask myself one and only one crucial question…. is there enough room to whip or nay nay???

::Noteworthy: A farmhouse with a modern twist::

July 29, 2015

While loosing hours and hours of precious daylight perusing the interwebs for my amazing clients, the new office, and now myself, I stumbled upon this little modern farmhouse and couldn’t resist sharing it with all of you lovelies.  The South African architect, Henri Comrie, did one hell of a job. The contrast between the eclectic farmhouse interiors mixed with the modern bones of the house is pretty freakin’ rad. So take a look below to see what I’m sayin’ and let me know what y’all think.


April 27, 2015

!Happy Monday!

 I am ready for another crazy, crazy week ahead of us. I am pretty sure from now until August 1st, the only time we will have off is when we go to Turks and Caicos in June….and even then, there is no guarantee I won’t be on my phone!! This weekend whilst pinning away for a new client presentation I have on Thursday, I stumbled on incredible home tour on one of my fave inspo sites .

::noteworthy: The Covell Hotel

March 11, 2015

Have you all gawked at  yet? WELL, if not , or even if you have…this incredible new boutique hotel located in Los Feliz California is something else! Designed by Sally Breer of interior design, this unique hotel leaves little to be desired, and is practically bursting at the seams with inspo and insanely well thought out design details.

I am planning a little stay-cation here and I can’t wait to report back !!


February 17, 2015

I swear its 80 degrees in So Cal and I have a fiery pit of Anger raging in my insides because I just want a little cold and rain…..especially since it’s February and has rained probably 3 times in 6 months. Anyways, since I am forced to start thinking about warmer climates and happy sunny shit….I figured we should all get a dose of this Spanish ocean view home in all its glory. Especially all of your east coasters currently freezing your extremities off.