If I was…

November 20, 2012

If I was an impeccably stylish dude…

My house would look like this snazzy fellas

it’s cozy and bright and eclectic, but masculine all the same

Phone Tales

November 16, 2012

I am wrapping up a Dining Room install today and went a bit pillow crazy in the meantime

I am so excited to show you pretty pictures once its all done…so, here are some sneaky peakies

stay tuned…(yuck I hate saying that)

I also got some photos from a client that we have been working on in Australia

I stole this idea from

once we accessorize,

What a Girl Wants..

November 15, 2012

Hi Lovers,

if I was Fancy…I would buy these things and wear them.

sad fact is, I aint that fancy, but no doubt you lovers are!!!


Happy Turkey Time Lovers

November 14, 2012


Who wants to WIN??


oh you do, OK great 

lets get right to that

up for grabs!

here is what you gotta do




leave me a comment after you did it

oh and hey while yur at it
Tell you friends about  and get a bonus entry

PLUS because I am majorly nice

GET 10% off your entire shoppe order!


November 12, 2012

I did it Y’all…I have arrived (Haaaayy)

Big time winner in the hizzzz-ouse

I fully expect to be best friend with Gwyneth Paltrow by the end of the week and  I am pretty sure any second now Jay Z and B are gonna call to set up a playdate with Blue Ivy and G…

I mean we are officially official now …..right??


Ok wait, but really

I am super happy to announce my first glossy magazine. Not once but Twice!