Neon Acrylic

January 15, 2013

I may have mentioned that we did a home in Australia recently. We are still waiting on the shipping container to arrive to the port in Melbourne and as soon as the house is installed I will show you pics. It’s going to be amazing! 

Anyways, the homeowner introduced me to the coolest artist. Her name is …have ya heard?

Look at her newest art framed in Neon Acrylic.


I just LOVE

January 14, 2013

seriously , I want confess my undying love for it

I wanna tell it its the only one for me 
it’s simple yet complicated

just the way I like it

I would go so far as to ask it on a second date…..even if it just ate a side salad and lamented about its exes

I know it’s been all over the inter webs…

This weekend….

January 11, 2013

you can find me cozied up with a snot rag and some theraflu next to this baby

in my DREAMS

Happy Weekend Motha-Lovas

Get the Look…

January 10, 2013

Friends, I have fallen victim to the flu that is currently plaguing 60% of the American population

and seriously…
this shit is intense

Since I had to cancel meetings yesterday and hole up in my bed, I had some time on my hands to finally snap some pictures of my media area

I have posted a few pics on my Instagram (amberinteriors) and folks kept asking me to show the full view and asked lots of questions of where I got various things from the set up..etc.

Desk Diaries

January 9, 2013

just call me “el swamp-o with work-o”

I am back to being full swing work mode

Client Awesome is getting some stuff done in her house

I am also presenting Client pretty much perfect with her Master Bedroom scheme

We are starting to work on some bathrooms 

have a living room install

re-stocking shop
launching new website
blah bah blah blah blah
BTW I am not complaining..these are amazing problems to have

the proof is on the table

Learnin’ stuff

January 7, 2013

this year one of my New Years resolutions is to learn more things about stuff

how stupid does that sound

no, but seriously

I often get embarrassed thinking about how little time I actually spend trying to learn new things about the big ole’ world we live in and how much time I obsess about my own little world 

Most days I spend the majority of my time stressing over the ins and outs of interior design and mothering which is important…but just sorta kinda not really adding any new wrinkles to my brain…