May 26, 2013

What better a weekend than this one to indulge in a little booze

I decided that my new favorite drink on the planet earth is Beer-Garitas!

I promised I would share my own version of the recipe, so here goes!



1 can frozen limeade

1 can tequila ( i use the empty limeade can and fill it with tequila)

1/2 cup triple-sec

1/4 cup Roses Sweetened Lime Water

a splash of lime flavored mineral water ( i use the Trader Joe’s brand)

1 Pacifico beer

the juice from 3 limes

add ice and stir till mixed

serve chilled with salt

you’ll be buzzed after a sip



Nursery Awesome

May 23, 2013

So y’all know my client awesome??

Well if you don’t and you are new to these parts…I have been working with her for almost 2 years and she is just as I describe..AWESOME

Over the course of 2 years she has accidentally become one of my closest gal pals and so when I found out she was preggers with a beautiful baby girl, it was instantaneous that us two put our heads together to start decorating the most precious of precious baby boho rooms..

// Quick Tip //

May 21, 2013

screw the walls folks!

if you are running out of wall I am , just start stacking your art on the floor.

I have a 3 year old, a dog, a cat, and a crazy group of wild friends with wild kids, and so far, no one has knocked anything over..

this designer suggests you grow a pair and get your lean on!

love ya

++ on trend: tribal ++

May 20, 2013


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I am loving these little hints of tribal…a bag is the perfect way to add just a touch

i grabbed a few of my faves with different price points …

shop it!

life according to my iPhone

May 17, 2013

So this week flew by!

I barely even paid attention to you lovers and I apologize!

Here is what life’s been like…according to my iPhone

The Duck, G and I took an adventure to the Natural History Museum in downtown Los Angeles.

we visited the dinos…

Boogied with some Bison

these antelope creatures, had real sketchy eyes…

I wanted to pet them still



May 15, 2013

so basically California, decided to skip right on over Spring and jump straight into Summer

and not just a light mellow summer….a


seriously weather….get it together

anyways I thought since mother nature has forced me to think about summer waaay to early, I figured I would summer-ize some summer feeling picks

  //  //  bikini  &  //vintage serape // //