Style It Pretty Girl

August 22, 2013

Yesterday my  was featured over on ..did ya see it?

If you happen to have missed it go check it out . I was lucky enough to get to shoot with the crazy talented and probably the sweetest person on planet earth Mr. . The whole experience was so easy and great, and I swear to god working with creative people is the best job in the world.

quick change..

August 21, 2013

You all know I am a habitual decor changer..right?

I am never settled with the way things look and am convinced things CAN and SHOULD always be changed around

I think of my house like I think of my outfits…sometimes you need a fab accessories to really mix things up!

In the most recent episode of my presto-chango mentality to decor, I decided to add a bit of pop to G’s big girl room with a fancy pants new rug from !!

life according to my iPhone

August 16, 2013

Lets take a look shall we..

I made a kimono out of a big scarf. This one is from Target a while ago but  is another awesome one.

you can watch my friend  work her magic on a scarf also! Its amazing what you can do with a giant scarf…

moving right along

if you follow me on Insta you would have seen that I went to Vegas for 3 nights with ,

cant help myself

August 15, 2013


I don’t give a flying poop if you have, because I am gonna show you again and discuss everything that is right with it.

And seriously basically everything is right

Lets just take it all in and study real, real hard.

It’s just so good

first up.. the living room.


This wall color could have sucked designer balls if someone didn’t use their noggin and pair it with green and cognac leather,