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September 9, 2013

raise your hand if you didn’t go to fashion week but have been social media stalking all the fashion…(raises hand)

after this week it is very clear that I need to step up my closet game

this is what I have in mind for the future of my wardrobe


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life according to my iPhone

September 6, 2013

Hey There!

time for a little life round-up

check it

“client awesome”  baby  girl got some artwork!

I threw together some insanely beautiful pillow combos and

worked on a little design stuff..this should be good!

I drowned in a sea of pom pons…just cause it was fun

My workshop got a new load of pillows to make..isn’t that pink fabric TO DIE!!??

Trailer Tales

September 5, 2013

Check out this incredible trailer!!!

I happen to have grown up about a mile away from this very trailer park beach community In Malbu CA. Can I just tell you, A Malibu trailer park is not your average stereotypical trailer park!

Just take a look at what did to this snazzy number located in Paradise Cove Malibu

white trash no more


You can layer…i promise

September 4, 2013

I often get emails about the size of  and their awkward sizes. The questions typically read as follows …

” Hey Amber, I love your rugs but how the fuck is a 102.5″ by 54″ rug gonna work in my bedroom??”

Haha, Ok I have never had anyone use such vulgarity in an email about my rugs, but I feel like if I wasn’t in “the know” about how to make this wacky size work,

>> outfits under $150 <<

September 3, 2013

outfit #1 ::  +  +

outfit #2 :: +  + 

outfit #3 ::  + +

PSSStsttttstttttt: I am having an instagram @shoppesale today!! starts at 9am PST

Get the Look

August 30, 2013

did you guys happen to see  house over on the …well if you didn’t it was awesome. Riiiiight up my alley…dont ya think?

anyways, lets get the look

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