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November 6, 2013

if I had known that it was gonna take a fucking century to close escrow on my house, I would have possibly reconsidered.

this is ridiculous… almost 3 months and counting


As I struggle to see the end of this escrow tunnel we are in, I have  started to really think about all the things I love about my current house and I am starting to realize that I am really gonna miss this place.


November 4, 2013

most times all it takes is a few new accessories to change the whole look of a room. this is probably not news to any of you, but I thought these few items were worthy of a monday mention if you’re in the mood for a  little quick change

+ + + + + + +

happy monday.


October 31, 2013

you guys,

can we talk about this year? Has anyone else felt like 2013 has been the year of change?

For me this year has been filled with tons of life altering changes, not just ” look i got a haircut” changes…. The kind of big changes that make you really evaluate your whole freaking life and look to the universe, fairies, or magical unicorns for answers.

Strangely when I think about it, even though it feels like there has been more weird shitty shit happening this year than any other year that I can remember,


October 30, 2013

as I mentioned before I am gearing up for a big ole remodel for an awesome family here in LAla land.

So far we are still in the planning stages of the project, which is super fun since I get to really use my creative brain muscles designing the layout and the overall space.

The bones of this house are KILLER so I have a lot to work with.  The finishes on the other hand, are just about as boring as they get!!

life lately according to my iPhone

October 28, 2013

Happy Monday

Lets recap the past week or so shall we?

We all ventured to the pumpkin patch and it was fun and COLD for the first time I can remember in 3 years..

Finally Fall got its shit together in California and realized that October should not be 100 degrees.

We have now been to 2 Halloween parties and have one left to go..