Another bathroom in my life!

December 16, 2013

Whats with all the bathrooms I got going on??

Luckily, all of them will end up being more pretty than shitty, get it ….?

anyways, I am working on a really rad one.

Check it out!




We are rip pin and gutting the whole shebang and replacing everything.

See Ya Old House!

December 12, 2013

So if you follow me on IG you already know that my house closed escrow on Tuesday!


If you have followed here for a while you may have already seen some before and afters of my pad….but I thought I would give it one final farewell and pay it the respect it deserves.

Can I get a little sentimental for a minute or two??

This house was everything for me. You may or may not know my back story.

Nonas Cottage

December 11, 2013

So if you follow me on , you may have seen me slowly adding to the “Mom/Nona’ cottage” folder.

As life would have it I sold my house same time as my Mom bought a new house! Yipeee!

Not only is her house 4 minutes from my new house which makes it the first time in 15 years that we have lived in the same city.

BUT it also happens to be a house in need of some serious work,

the fruits of my labor…and a prize

December 10, 2013

Since September or so I have been working on getting a line of blankets and pillows made.

You know that feeling when you think of something in your head, and then you think “gosh I wish someone would make that”?

Well that was kinda how I ended up with my own line of home goodies. I had seen some colorful blankets throughout various shopping trips and sourcing travels. Almost  everything I would see that had a little potential was ultimately just not quite right.

some DIY i’d like to try

December 6, 2013

if I had a couple extra minutes in the day…here is a little list of some holiday DIY’s I’d love to take a stab at.







oh and BT Dubbs…have you guys seen the adorable blog