: shit santa forgot :

December 27, 2013


Happy Belated Christmas lovers!

Hope you all had a fab time, had a lot to eat and drink, and got a ton of prezzies under the tree.

The Duck and I decided that we were not going to do presents this year.

We were going to instead spend all of our money on G and spoil her rotten, ahhhem I mean…

we were going to let SANTA ,

Glossy Gloss

December 23, 2013

Merry X-Mas indeed. My spread in just came out and I am thrilled!

In the article I give away some of my favorite LA sources, as well as tips on how to mix patterns without it ever feeling over the top!

If you havent grabbed yo’self a copy..you should. OR just download it onto your iPad, I’ll be on there too!

OR if you really don’t care and would rather me just show you the pretty pictures in the mag…then fine

here ya go,

Friday Nuetral

December 20, 2013

Its friday, and I am pretty sure I need to take a vacation to Guam. I have been ping ponging around town back and forth to jobs and can barely remember my name. I am not complaining, just being straight.

The only thing my brain can think is “Beige”

but beautiful beige..

it exists

take a look

Y’all know how bad I suck at giving sources….

// Lombardi House: Progress report //

December 18, 2013

Remember when I introduced you to one of my new projects ” The Lombardi Hollywood House”?

And remember how I conveniently left out any images of the entire inside of the house??

Hows abouts I show you what was going on in the house before I got all up in its bizness, And lets take a look at the current progress we are already making!


dingy and nothing special…

Just some things: Gifts for your pad

December 17, 2013

I need some home goods,

and I have my tired eyes on these….

x-mas is right around the corner and  would not be pissed if any of these goodies showed up under the tree


1/  :: 2/  :: 3/  :: 4/   :: 5/  :: 6/  :: 7/  

Another bathroom in my life!

December 16, 2013

Whats with all the bathrooms I got going on??

Luckily, all of them will end up being more pretty than shitty, get it ….?

anyways, I am working on a really rad one.

Check it out!




We are rip pin and gutting the whole shebang and replacing everything.