Get The Look: Client Queen of the Girl Bosses

January 16, 2018

Remember this AMAZING and BEAUTIFUL project?! Well it’s gotten a ton of love on Instagram and here on the bloggity blog. Sooo, I wanted to hook you guys up with some sources, so your master bedroom can be just as GORG! On this project we were lucky enough to work with , so basically I’m giving you inside deats of how you can sleep like a badass girl boss. You’re very welcome. I was given a blank canvas to work with and I decided to give her a moody,

My Ottoman Empire

January 12, 2018

You probably saw yesterday on my stories buuut… Ottomans are back in-stock over at . Yup that’s right –  I’ve got my own Ottoman Empire and I ain’t mad about it. Let me start off by saying that all of these ottomans are a labor of love from start to finish. We import the rugs from all over the globe and have them custom made into a purdy ottoman right here in Los Angeles,

Just Some Things // New Year – New Me

January 9, 2018

I know, I know – I’m a couple days behind the “New Year, New Me” craze… SO SUE ME. But hey, at least I’m actually doing it! I think I’m finally seeing the light about taking care of myself first and foremost. As you know, I run a full-service design firm and it’s pretty difficult to find time for myself in-between all the client correspondence and onsite visits. Sometimes I can overwork my body and mind because I never take a break!


December 1, 2017

Oh hey December?! Where the heck did you come from? Seriously – Just like that, the fall leaves (wink wink, I live in Southern California) are gone, the air turns to a cool wintery crisp (again, big ‘ole wink – it’s 85 degrees here today), and Will Ferrell is bouncing around the streets of New York City looking for Kevin Mcallister. How wild is it that it’s DECEMBER peeps? You can’t make this stuff up – the years fly… and now I sound just like my mother.

My October Trip to NYC with Delta

November 28, 2017

If you didn’t follow along with my New York City trip on Instagram, then you missed out big time! Two weeks ago, I flew out for a long weekend to attend ‘s design-elite event celebrating Cooper Hewitt’s National Design Week – An Evening of Design Discovery with design legend Nate Berkus. I don’t normally go to such glitzy & glamorous events, so I was thrilled to be a part of the whole shebang! I even got to hang out with my friends ,

<> Sonos is Speakin’ my Language <>

November 16, 2017

Not sure if anyone else is feeling the same at the moment but… time is flying by WAY TOO FAST!! All I want to do is press pause with my fam and enjoy every minute with them! It felt like we did just that a couple weeks ago, and it was perfect to spend the day together, playing and listening to our favorite music. Since we have the holiday season coming up – I guess moments like that will have to wait a lil bit.