It’s Me… on the Chris Loves Julia Podcast!!

February 22, 2018

So I know this is a bit late but I have to post about I was just on! I want you all to jump over to ‘s site right now to say hello and spread news of how awesome their blog is. It’s a must read and follow – so make sure ya bookmark it for later!!

Funny thing – Chris Loves Julia just won the award for Best Renovation blog from Domino’s first ever .


February 20, 2018

Y’ALL READY FOR THIS?! ( starts playing) You’ve only been asking for about 970 years – just kidding – it’s been exactly 4 years since my last White Paint roundup!

Yup, That’s right

I finally made some time to give you the 2018 edition of  my “go-to” White Paints!! – Woot Woot!

Now I must say, picking paints, even for me can be a general headache.


February 12, 2018

Welp this was a fun one! This ADORABLE family ed us to help make their newly built home feel a bit warmer and chic but also more cozy and livable for their three small kids. They had just moved across the country from New York and really wanted to make this space something that made them happy to come home to every day. We gladly accepted the challenge and moved forward tweaking a little, changing a little, and coming  up with a brighter,

Designer Spotlight: Jessica Helgerson

February 5, 2018

So excited to bring back the “Designer Spotlight” topic here on blog! It’s been awhile since I’ve blogged about a design firm that I admire – and for that, I apologize! In this field, you thrive on gaining inspiration from others around you, and it’s so nice when you come across a firm that flexes the creativity muscle to the max. That being said, I didn’t just stubble upon  – I’ve been a HUGE fan for quite some time now.

TOP 10 // Shoppe For Your Love

February 3, 2018

Cue the Beatles song cause Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. I don’t care if you love yourself, your girlfriend, your husband, your great Aunt Sally-Sue, or your neighbor’s fat cat that sits on your front doorstep… ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE!! Give and spread love like it’s your job because Dear Lorrrrd, we all know the world need’s more of it. Don’t even get me started on those people that think they can tell you who you can love –

TOP 10 // Tulum Style

January 25, 2018

Is it the weekend yet?? What a week! I’ve literally been non-stop since Monday morning. Styling. Photoshoots. Meetings. Presentations. Site-Visits. You name it. That being said – can you blame me for dreaming about TULUM?? Noooope. This post is a pre-cursor to a new post I’ll be introducing come February… hint hint next month’s will be about Tulum.

Would you guys be down if I started giving you tips and secrets about vacation spots? Some that I have been to …