July 28, 2015

Wowzer!! Sorry for being kind of m.i.a. lately…it’s been crazy busy over here at #ambularinteriors. With so much going on right now between client installs, moving into our new house, shopping for clients, the new office renovation, and even a little video project with Lowe’s, I have quite the variety of iPhone pics to share with y’all. It’s just a little bit of everything in an attempt to keep you guys up to date on this pure craziness that is my life.

I can’t WAIT to show you the before and afters for #clientdoublethumbsup.

Criollo X Lowe’s/Sherwin-Williams

July 20, 2015

Hey y’all! I have a post that’s being featured on today. I had a lot of fun creating a few mood boards for this one. It shows how to make gorgeous changes in a space without breaking the bank by using some great pieces from  and picking paint colors from one of the . You can see an example of one of the mood boards I created below. To see the full article and links to all of the products click !

New Office Space Update

July 18, 2015

Between the new /design offices, the new house, the various moving days, and all the work travel…I have been a little unenthusiastic about anything that doesn’t involve sleep!!!

Even though the days feel like they are flying by, the actual progress  of anything has been dragging!  In the past few weeks we are finally seeing some progress people and the end is in sight!! If you missed my first post on our new office update,

::Designer quick tip::

July 14, 2015

Happy Tuesday my lovelies! I am here in Raleigh werkin with on a fun little project, but I found some time to send a real quick designer tip your way. If you want more space to pin up your daily inspo, to-do lists, pretty pics, and rando items, don’t just hang a cork board – cover an entire wall with cork sheet for a mood board lover’s dream. In the famous words of Will Smith the rapper….”Getting Corky Widitt!”

Artist Spotlight: Lucy Snowe

July 9, 2015

If you love a good photo of a pretty sky, a busted trailer, or some cute little cow faces, then you’re going to dig  photography. I am smitten, and since we are finally taking possession of our new house, I need some cool pieces to fill the walls!