5 DIYs I’d Like to Try

September 15, 2015

I am loving these DIY’s y’all….and even though I have given up on the idea of having any extra time to actually do them, I can at least admire from afar. And hopefully you guys get your “do it yo’ damn self” on!











bar cart essentials

September 4, 2015

Happy Labor Day weekend!

I will be nursing one hell of a head cold, so no getting tanked for me, but I put together some pretty additions to add to your bar cart. This way you can get sloppy and your cart can stay on fleek!

Chin chin!

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DIY: credenza

September 2, 2015

Wait…can we please take a moment to discuss how in the heck it is already September…SEPTEMBER Y’ALL!! It’s crazy how fast the days are going by…Speaking of September, it is indeed the month that we as a little family have the most events of the entire year. G is turning 6, I am turning 21 again…The Duck and I will be celebrating 9 years of marriage and the SHOPPE is finally and actually freakin’ opening. Oh and did I mention all of this is happening in the midst of 3 client installs…no biggie.

This just in…..what a house!

August 31, 2015

So remember like when I  totally like talked like about like THIS amazing interior design  like???? Well, dudes, lovers, gentle ladies…….did you happen to catch her home tour over on home shot by my homey .

Well if you haven’t…..go on then


New Client Roundup

August 26, 2015

As we start to wrap up the rest of our clients that I previously introduced to you here, I thought it high time I fill y’all in on just a couple of our new ones! We are basically drowning in werk at present time and the focus is to do our best to keep cranking out new and really really good looking design.

Let me introduce you to the following

Firstly, meet #clientZtotheEtotheN. In a nutshell,

Noteworthy: Yay or Nay-Nay ….a little house

August 25, 2015

 I am not that hip…let’s be honest. I can pretend I am though, because I work in an office full of 25 year olds who by far keep me ” in the know” with what all the cool kids are doing.

I guess these tiny houses are real, and I am on the fence. And when I am on the fence I ask myself one and only one crucial question…. is there enough room to whip or nay nay???