Did you see this??????

November 17, 2011

This prettiness was just on and I just about popped my top

This bathroom is everything that is right with wallpaper…

In the words of the Zoe

It’s MAJ

It’s by Makelike and the name is “” in red

I now must own it or use it on a clients house STAT..


Still hobbling

1 more pound lost

Less hungry

Ate an avocado last night and some seaweed….also sipped on some more vegetable water 

Still starving

still sick of juice.

5 things I ain’t mad at: PART 2

November 16, 2011

You may remember a while back I posted about 5 trends I was not mad at…

well it’s time for another round.

These five trends are totally common and most definitely played out, 


I refuse to let them go…what do you think?

1: Boho Glam


2:Touch Of Brass

3: Leopard Stuff

4: Gigantic Art

5: Rustic Love


Love It or Leave it

Whats your verdict?


November 15, 2011

sometime people impress me

the person who makes string art well, is a great example.

this is a DIY project I reckon I will never do for fear of looking like a moron compared to this talent!!!


it’s all so pretty!

This one they created a piece of art using string wrapped around a block..cool idea.

This last one isn’t string,


November 14, 2011

So this week the Duck and I have decided to our lives….

What the hell does that mean you ask???

It means we are going to pull out all the stops and go on a juice fast.

That’s right lovers

We are officially the stupidest people on the face of this earth.

You see it all started with a movie

Have any of you seen the documentary ““? 

Well we watched it and it done gone and messed with my head

Slapped me with a super dose of reality… 


SO this movie 

Great Artists

November 10, 2011

I love to come across amazing and new (to me) artists..

This week I have found a few diamonds..

creative couple are a talented pair..


they are really pretty and totally affordable…

Now on the totally unaffordable spectrum, we have  who’s work is stunning.


I am currently trying to rip off her ideas and re-create them…