5 things I ain’t mad at: PART 2

November 16, 2011

You may remember a while back I posted about 5 trends I was not mad at…

well it’s time for another round.

These five trends are totally common and most definitely played out, 


I refuse to let them go…what do you think?

1: Boho Glam


2:Touch Of Brass

3: Leopard Stuff

4: Gigantic Art

5: Rustic Love


Love It or Leave it

Whats your verdict?


November 15, 2011

sometime people impress me

the person who makes string art well, is a great example.

this is a DIY project I reckon I will never do for fear of looking like a moron compared to this talent!!!


it’s all so pretty!

This one they created a piece of art using string wrapped around a block..cool idea.

This last one isn’t string,


November 14, 2011

So this week the Duck and I have decided to our lives….

What the hell does that mean you ask???

It means we are going to pull out all the stops and go on a juice fast.

That’s right lovers

We are officially the stupidest people on the face of this earth.

You see it all started with a movie

Have any of you seen the documentary ““? 

Well we watched it and it done gone and messed with my head

Slapped me with a super dose of reality… 


SO this movie 

Great Artists

November 10, 2011

I love to come across amazing and new (to me) artists..

This week I have found a few diamonds..

creative couple are a talented pair..


they are really pretty and totally affordable…

Now on the totally unaffordable spectrum, we have  who’s work is stunning.


I am currently trying to rip off her ideas and re-create them…

Bad gone Good

November 9, 2011

Unless it is Christmas or you are a damn toy making elf,

 red and green is typically not an acceptable color combination in my book…(call me crazy)

.until, This Stuff happened…



 {via }




honk honk..beep



Boing Boing!

Not bad, huh?
{totes worth the sound effects}

 I guess sometimes the color wheel might just know what it’s talking about.