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December 21, 2011

Good News and Great News

So If y’all lovers were unaware……I have only been at this whole blogging thing for just about a year. 

I also have only opened up shop as Criollo for about 9 months…and in that 9 months I have been busy…


Non Stop

Anyways, I have decided I need to take some much needed time off from Criollo to be with my family.

I am closing up shop from Today December 21st.

Old Mac Donald…

December 20, 2011

Had some art..

e, i, e, i, ohhhhhhhh 

Big statement animal art ain’t just for kids rooms…


I wanna just let you lovers know that I love you….

I love you because I keep posting pretty pictures even though I just wanna not open my computer and sit on my couch for a month and do this….

TOP 5’s with Sheridan & Nicole

December 16, 2011

Today is Friday, which wraps up my Top 5’s for December. 

You lovers all seem to enjoy it so let me know if you think I should make this a bi-monthly series..?

I enjoy it, so you might not have a choice!

Today I have invited and on over to share some Fave Fives.

First Up I have talking bout Kitchens!

If you are unfamiliar with the Southern Eclectic blog,

Bijou & Boheme Top 5 Living Rooms

December 15, 2011

Next up in my “TOP 5” Series is the lovely and talented Christine from 

It is quite possibly the SEXIEST blog in the sphere, and for certain the most feminine…
wouldn’t you say??

Christine is showing us her favorite Living Rooms..
prepare to pant…


Hi there Amber Interior lovers.

I know you’re enjoying this look into every one’s favourite spaces just as much as I am.

TOP 5’s with Meg & Erika!

December 14, 2011

Who is ready for Round 2 of “Top Fives”???


I got Meg from


Erika from



Meg here from . I have an obsession with offices so finding five spaces that I love was easy.


The offices of  in Lonny. Pretty much obsessed with this office.