// Designer Quick Tip //

May 25, 2016

Wowza – It’s been awhile since I’ve done a Designer Quick Tip – so I dipped into the bank to find you an absolute BEAUT interior designed by Australian firm . Do yourself a favor and check them out – their work is unbelievable! Why the heck can’t Australia be closer to California?! I would design homes “Down Undah” in a flash – no questions asked! Any takers?

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Life According To My iPhone…

May 20, 2016


Man oh maaaan. Where do I even begin? This year has zoomed by at lightning speed and I have no idea how the heck it’s already May?! There’s way too much happening all at once between finishing a handful of client installs, LCDQ design week, Create and Cultivate, moving offices, expanding Shoppe, AND on top of that – selling our current home and getting ready to move our life into a dreamy new abode – It’s safe to say my head is spinning like crazy,

TOP 10 // Pots & Planters

May 12, 2016

Woo! It’s Thursday and we are almost through the work week people! In other news, we photographed #ClientSecondTimesACharm’s casa yesterday and I am in LOVE. If you follow along on Snapchat – you probably are too! Stayed tuned for the big reveal coming at ‘cha soon. Until then, I thought I’d give a shout out to all these awesome pottery picks below! When photographing a clients home – you’ve got to show up to the party with tons of greenery – whether it’s cacti,

//Time to Shoppe//

May 3, 2016

As you know, is expanding soon (If ya don’t know – now ya know!!) – but we’ve got a ton of goods goin’ on right now! We just got a TON of new prints from Alex Cave in, which I could stare at all. friggin’. day. long. Check them out below and day dream all y’all want. We used two of the Joshua Tree prints in #ClientZtotheEtotheN’s living room – how’s THAT for some major inspo?! If you’re feeling inspired –

::Ambassador Amber Here::

April 30, 2016

That’s right – I’m a 2016 Legends Ambassador for  – NO BIG DEAL!! Okay, nevermind – it is a big deal! This is the first year that I’m involved with the shindigs and I couldn’t be more excited to get out there and do the damn thang. I was beyond flattered when I was offered the ambassador title amongst all these incredible influencers. I’ll be live on Snapchat all next week while at the events – so be sure to follow me…

I Want To Go… Villa Palmier

April 26, 2016

So – I came across this rad little two-bedroom villa you can rent in St. Barts called and well – I’m officially obsessed! I read more about this dreamy spot and found out it was renovated by a couple named Kate & Matt Holstein, who live in Aspen, Colorado. Turns out they visited the island and absolutely fell in love with it. So naturally they found a perfect piece of property with a killer view, and decided to renovate it just this last Fall.