if I were fancy…

July 2, 2012

Can we have a moment of the “get reals”??

Raise your hand if you read fashion blogs and then go stare at yourself in the mirror for a minute and think….

“Jeez, I wish I was that fancy”

I am so jealous of people that care enough to put a comb through their hair in the morning…. or slap on some make-up, let alone put together a full outfit and then take photos of it!

I can barely get my ass to the mall to buy underwear,

House beaute

June 29, 2012

does it again….

creamy and rough….chain and shaggy…everything amazing

chalkboard under the bar, great idea…seen it before but I still love it
dig the fridge

The bench cushion, I am currently doing this same style in a clients house…greatness

camel chair with white deets on the back cushion….bitchin

normally I like a little more color in my decor..but this house, I could love

open water

June 28, 2012

All I can say is….

sometimes you need to breathe deep and pretend you are surrounded by beautiful (not that deep)
 blue open water….

what a week…and its only thursday

This happens

June 26, 2012

UMmm………I would like my damn dog A LOT more if she was painted like a panda bear.

I am just sayin

Oh yeah and the camel dog….its kinda weird.