July 30, 2012

Yep that’s where I am…. 

Sinning in this Sinful City

Last night I went and hung out with some lovely lady loves 

Mid Centur..pretty

July 27, 2012

Hi Lovers!

Lets look at pretty pictures and move past the fact that I have kinda been ignoring all of you lately…

Don’t be mad at a Mama on her own with a lot on her plate

I still love you

moving on…

I dig me a splash of Mid Century in my decor. Don’t you?

BTW, I am suffering from separation anxiety excited for my trip to Vegas!!

5 Things I Ain’t Mad At Part 3

July 26, 2012

Time for another edition of 5 Things I Ain’t Mad At

I am constantly trying to figure out “Whats Next” in the design world.

I scour art books, old design magazines, even old books about movies and music trying to muster up some crazy new trend that I can take and run with…

lately I am so uninspired 

So….lets talk about shit I still love and may just keep on recycling 

1. Otomi

*oh hey BTW This Otomi Headboard will be for sale soon….because i am doing a one kings lane sale ….

Market market

July 24, 2012

So Katie and I are off to go hang in Vegas at the  this weekend and I am so excited but so nervous because I am leaving baby G for two whole nights…longest stretch so far.

I am sure after my first black jack table cocktail and a long awaited reunion with Mrs.  I will forget all about my silly anxiety….
I hope

Its a quick trip so I need a small bag, which is gonna suck cause I am a blowhard when it comes to packing.

Party Time

July 24, 2012

If you are a Mom who has or had an almost three your old raise your hand…

If you are a Mom who has or had an almost three year old who’s head spins and while they chant demonic slurs…raise your hand

I am raising my hand

WOW, I always thought my kid was relatively well-behaved and pretty mellow

As Mom’s sometimes we secretly pass judgement on other peoples parenting skills