Just Lust

August 10, 2012

Hello Lovers!

My birthday is in approximately 38 days….I will not be bummed out AT ALL if I get one of each of .



love you mean it


August 8, 2012

I am typically buried in all kinds of shit on my desk…

normally it’s bills but sometimes it’s fabric…oodles and oodles of fabric.

Today I have a presentation for a pretty and serene, clean vibe master bedroom….

here is whats happening….




Did ya hear?

is opening a store in Houston….she also developed a beyond pretty bedding line inspired by a few blogging designer ladies and I happen to be among the lucky bunch chosen to inspire her!

what happened in Vegas..

August 7, 2012

A’int stayin in Vegas..

I am gonna re-cap it with you lovers, just in case you care!

Here is the run-down…

I went to Vegas mainly to shop for clients and the , 

but ended up mainly just acting like a silly goose with  and dreaming about winning it all on the 5 cent slots!

When I did work here is what it looked like.

I found this chair….It will be mine (well a lucky clients,

Get your Curtains Here!

August 3, 2012

As promised is proud to announce some new additions…

I am so excited to be offering them in a couple different “trade-only” fabrics

Trade only you ask…?

Let me explain…

I get about 5-10 emails a day from lovers asking me about where and how much it’s gonna cost to get some of the stuff you all see in my designs.

I am an interior designer first and a blogger second, so unfortunately I run into a problem when it comes down to divulging my sources for all the worlds to read.

Help Wanted

August 2, 2012

I have hit it!!!

that’s right, I have hit the wall and am now officially begging for help….


Here’s the deal

I have all types of things in the pipeline but with only myself and my trusty sidekick Katie working on them, my to do list is crazy long and getting longer by the minute.

First order of business is to find a talented new friend to help us out in the graphic department.

I need a person to jump on board that can work with me implementing new design ideas for the blog,