Bitchin’ Kitchen Series: Jenny Andrews Anderson’s Top Picks

May 13, 2014

My pal Jenny Andrews Anderson doesn’t need much introduction. She’s a ridiculously talented artist and actress with a HUGE personality. I am literally obsessed with her crazy ass. She’s a little lot nuts, a little lot crude and totally charming and awesome. But seriously. If you want to be amused, check her blog at (My Favorite and My Best) or follow along on her .

And you’ve probably seen her art while trolling Pinterest or featured in pop up shops, but on the outside chance you haven’t.. or . Seriously. How fricken talented is she???!

Jenny’s bitchin’ kitchen picks are in. Weigh in– what’s your fave?

Jenny Andrews kithcens header

ok. first of all it needs to be said that this. was. hard.

because there are quite possibly at least 25 ALL TIME FAVORITE kitchens on my board.

making me choose 5 is just cruel. but 5 i chose.

at the end of the day i went with kitchens that i really wanted to cook in. because that’s what i do. cook. every damn day.


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i have no idea where this kitchen lives but i really enjoy the black, glossy cabinets and herringbone floors. beyond the obvious prettiness it just feels totally unpretentious and completely livable and merry.


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this is very similar to the kitchen above, no?

i am learning something about myself, i think. i like eclectic kitchens. in europe. in all honesty i think both of these kitchens have a doable quality that doesn’t seem hard to pull off on a budget. even though i know all that business up there is probably super expensive.  the idea that you can paint some crappy lower cabinets a hot shade of mint and find a shabby, junk shop cabinet and hang it in your kitchen appeals to me.  there is a glamorous utilitarian vibe that i am digging here.


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i love a compact kitchen.  i am a rare breed in that department. i know most people want a spacious kitchen but not me. i like things very close together. although the real star for me here is that stove and those matte, putty cabinets. let’s paint something matte putty. mat putty is my new talk show host name.


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i have no idea where this comes from other than my board.

but i love it so much.  i love it’s ease. i love it’s whiteness.  i love that it appears as though you can walk out onto some sort of deck situation to some serious comfort.  hello coffee friends. this kitchen is what i have in my mind when i think about my dream vacation house.  am i an underachiever?


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ok ok…i see it.  i don’t think ANY of these kitchens are in the USA. i like charming. and i like old things mixed with new things.  and i like that tile. a lot.

i am a fan of the table in the kitchen. and tile.  did i mention that tile?  it’s also on the ceiling. well played europeans.

now let’s all go back to our granite vomit counters and cherry cabinets and kill ourselves.

or paint them putty.  that’s probably a better idea.

+    +    +

Can I get an “amen” on the granite count??

Which are you diggin?


  1. should we just start #jennyobsessed?! perfect kitchens to me cause i love me some euro homes; esp the warm mixed with old and new; oh, and never pretentious!!

  2. The tiled studio peregalli kitchen no. 5 is Laura Sartori Rimini’s kitchen in my hometown near St.Moritz, Switzerland

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